About Us

We minister the whole word of God to the total man in his various contexts and with his various needs.


The Christian Missionary Foundation is an indigenous, non-denominational missionary organization that was formally launched on 15th May, 1982 at Trenchard Hall, University of Ibadan. Our first outreach was held between May 15th and 17th, 1981 at Idere, Oyo State, in response to the challenge of guinea worm infestation that affected 40% of the population. Thereafter, a resolution was made to carry on holistic missionary programmes.

 CMF has grown from a merely students/graduates-driven ministry to an international mission outfit that has worked in more than 15 African and Asian countries, some of which are reverted to independent ministries while active national branches are about 12 including Nigeria. We have promoted and pursued ‘wholistic’ ministry as a strategy anchoring basically on medical and professional missions. We have also been involved both at the pioneering and the current levels of the evolution of a national missions movement. Similarly we have contributed in various ways to give visibility and recognition to the emergence of the missionary initiatives from the so-called mission receiving continents which have now become majority mission sending force.

40 Years of Missionary Service

Our Uniqueness

We focus on reaching the unreached with the whole word in response to the spiritual, physical and psychological needs of the total man (i.e., the spirit, soul and body).

What we do

We seek to reach areas in Nigeria, Africa and other parts of the world where the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is yet to gain root. We also promote a holistic approach to evangelism, which aims at reaching the whole man in his spiritual, physical and social states.

How we do it

Research is about pushing boundaries. It is about discovering the boundaries post which the Kingdom has not yet come and unearthing insight that leads to breakthrough.

We mobilize more hands and resources for ministry, emphasizing what the Bible says about the participation of God’s people, in mission, with God and local churches, being missional is our GOAL.

We place the Missionary Call before Believers as prospective “Volunteer” giving them the opportunity to apply to fill in vacant positions in the missions’ enterprise, and take them through a selection process of choosing the appropriate candidate from the result of the recruitment.

Missions Training is a form of education, focusing on developing skills and ability to perform through a total involvement in the process of learning.

Making disciples of Jesus from every tribe, tongue, people and nation is the most important job in the world. Therefore, there is the need to prepare prospective Disciplers for ministry. CMF has Schools of Missions and Training Centers in and outside Nigeria where instruction is given in English, French and local languages of the people.

Effective Going is a function of effective Sending. Sending involves equipping the Goers with all that is needed for maximum performance on the field.

Jesus commanded his Church to proclaim the Gospel message (evangelize), and to make disciples. Evangelism and the making of disciples are two complementary tasks. In doing Whole life discipleship, we partner with God in His purposes, taking the story of the people/community that we serve, joining our story with theirs for a period of time, and leading them to God’s story for that community. We help them to discover God’s purposes for that community and as they participate in that discovery, they grow in their ability to solve their own problems and take control of their lives resulting in growth of the whole person (spiritual, physical, psychological, relational) and improvement of the various aspects of their community (housing, health, agriculture, water, economics, education, etc.). Through this process, the individuals and the community become all that God intends them to be.

One of the expected outcomes of our missionary thrust is the planting of indigenous missional churches that are “Self-Nurturing, Self-Producing and Self-Propagating”

We are reaching and discipling children, teens and youths for Christ through quality and Christ-centered education among Least reached people groups within and outside Nigeria. Education mission has opened many tribes and communities to the gospel as it gives opportunities to reach individuals and families that would not normally accept it.

Medical mission is about healing the body and using the opportunity to preach the gospel, ministering to the whole man soul and body.

Here, we advocate for justice for the oppressed, widows, downtrodden of the society. We preserve children’s right to life, education and wellbeing.

We aim at promoting self-help projects with the intention of alleviating       poverty, reducing hunger, change lives and the communities by improving the care of livestock and other animals thereby advancing the cause of Christ.  

This is aim at equipping emerging leaders and native workers from the fields.

We partner with others (churches, group and individuals) who are like-minded to advance God’s kingdom among the nations.

This serves as a means of providing self-support for the workers and improving the quality of living of the people in the communities.

This is about using the opportunity of one’s work to advance the gospel and make disciples.

Our Adopted

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