Pray for South-South Zone Nigeria

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Let us thank the Lord for helping our brethren here who were affected by the flood of last year to be recovering. Pray that the Lord will provide help and great assistance for their total recovery, especially those whose farmlands were very badly devastated. Pray against any repeat of such as the rains seem to be coming early this year. Pray for the believers and the people of States in this Zone, to draw closer to the Lord and put their trust in Him who controls the elements of the weather.

30 Things to Pray about for Missionaries


When the children of Israel, like a mighty missionary force, camped across Jordan in the plains of Moab, Balak sent for Balaam to curse and cast a spell against the Israelites. David also experienced the curses and accusations of wicked men, Psalm 109 verse 2 to 6; 17 to 20. Just as Balak went to great lengths made expensive sacrifices to get the Israelites cursed, even so are altars for cursing raised against missionaries on the field. There are still modern-day Elymases (Acts 13:4-11), withstanding missionary efforts, striving to curse their labour.

  • Pray that no divination and evil omens will stand against missionaries.
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