Pray for South South Zone, Malawi

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Bless the Lord who kept us and helped us to escape all the dangers of the flood. Ask the Lord to restore the losses of the brethren during the period of the flood. Pray for the brethren who are sick in Polaku and Sampou. Ask the Lord to heal them and make them whole. Pray for the mighty move of God over an upcoming crusade in Asaingbene. Ask God to establish those that are being disciple in Asaingbene.


Pray that the Employment Permit for the Missionary couple that has been under processing for some months now will be approved. Pray for provision of 500 dollars fee to complete the payment for the EP. CMF Malawi is scheduled to start Missionary Training in the first quarter of 2023. Thank God for the preparations so far. Pray for provisions to perfect all things towards this plan. Pray for God’s Mercy and Grace on the prospective trainees, trainers, and the administrators. Pray that Malawi will change from a Missionary receiving country to a Missionary sending country.

30 Things to Pray about for Missionaries


One of the first issues that Moses had to settle before he began his ministry was that of his family life. Indeed he nearly lost his life and that of his son in the process (Exodus 4:18-26). An assignment given to Abraham was to “command his children and descendants after him”, Genesis 18:19, just as the ability to “manage a family and make his children to obey him with all respect” is a qualification for church leadership, 1 Timothy 3:4:5. In addition, adequate provision for relatives, especially immediate family, is commanded for all believers (1 Timothy 5:8).

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Christian Missionary Foundation

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