Pray for Abuja Liaison Office, Akure Diaspora Mission

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Thank God for CMF Abuja Municipal chapter. Appreciate God on behalf of every member. Thank God for the monthly virtual prayer meetings. Ask God to establish the chapter. Ask God to add to the chapter those who have passion for missions. Pray that God should strengthen the existing members. Ask God to pay attention to all that concerns them.


Praise God for the opportunity for ministry among the Northerners in the Diaspora in the year 2022. Pray that God will grant us great openings and significant fruitfulness as we labour among them in 2023. Pray for the successful commencement of Hausa live school as we network with GEMPAL. Ask God to mobilize followers of Christ among the Northern migrants for the training.

30 Things to Pray about for Missionaries

Day 16: Faithfulness in Service

A fundamental principle for Christian ministry is found in 1 Corinthians 4:1-2: “Let a man so consider us as servants of Christ and stewards of God. Moreover, it is required in stewards that a man be found faithful”. Faithfulness or loyalty is a key ingredient to sustained ministry, a prerequisite for promotion. As the scriptures state, he that is faithful in little will have more committed into his hands, and he that is not faithful in another man’s things will not have his own given unto him. (Luke 19:17; 16:10-12).

  • Pray for a spirit of faithfulness in missionaries you know.
  • Ask for a sustained ministry for them.
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