Pray for Hausa and Yoruba Schools of Missions

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Thank God for His goodness towards the leadership of the school and the trainees. Appreciate God for a successful delivery of the administrator, principal’s wife. Praise God for answered prayers concerning needs and provision of regular support for the principal and his family. Pray against every plan of the enemy to frustrate the 2023 Hausa school of Missions’ contact.


Appreciate God for all we were able to do in the year 2022. Glorify God for peace, provision, and protection. Bless God for the lives of those that graduated last month, pray that they will not disappoint God in their service. Pray for them to be fruitful in the vineyard, that their individual life and service will bring more souls to the Kingdom of God. Thank God for helping five trainees that have been on field practical since November last year and rounding off this month, pray for them to finish well and put all they have learnt into practice.

30 Things to Pray about for Missionaries

Day 17: Pride

Pride is a destroyer, and it is easy for a missionary to truncate his work through pride, thinking he is making great sacrifices, having a heroic view of himself, feeling indispensable like Elijah expressed in 1st kings 19 verse 10. Pride is a spirit, one of Satan’s subtlest methods of causing a man/minister to incur God’s wrath. Missionaries are not immune to pride, indeed, they are very susceptible to pride. Always, God resists the proud.

  • Bind the spirit of pride in the lives of missionaries. Pray for spirit of humility in them.
So you also, when you have done all that you were commanded, say, ‘We are unworthy servants; we have only done what was our duty’. Luke 17:10. 
  • Intercede that the mindset in Luke 17:10 will reign in their life and ministry.
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