Pray for Education Missions – Heritage of God Schools and College, Bariba

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Pray that the Lord will grant the students understanding as God would uses discipline to train and build those He loves (Hebrews 12:5-6). Ask the Lord to soften their hearts to receive every form of discipline and correction for their transformation. Many of the students are surrounded by bad influences at home and in their communities which account for unruly behaviour of some of the students. Ask the Lord to put His fear in their hearts, for them NOT to consent to the enticement of the enemy and peer pressure.


Ask the Lord to give the pupils a heart of flesh in which the word of God can grow.

30 Things to Pray about for Missionaries

Day 18: Favour

One of the first things Nehemiah prayed for when he was sent to Judah was favour from the authorities. In answer to his prayer he got authorization, security, and supplies for the journey (Nehemiah 2:4-10). There is a great need for favour for the missionary living and working in a strange land. He needs the “brothers, sisters, mothers and children” God promised in Mark 10:29-30. They need a “Hobab” who can be “their eyes in the wilderness” (Numbers 10:29-31).

  • Ask for divine and human favour for missionaries.
  • Ask for favour like the dew of heaven.
  • Pray that by God’s favour, resources needed for life and ministry will be available abundantly and continually for missionaries.
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