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Praise God for His mercies upon every member of the team here. Ask the Lord to grant good health to the missionaries, that they may continue to advance in the conquest of the unreached people groups for Christ. Pray especially for KONAN Nathalie and Mrs. KONE Catherine for God’s visitation on their health needs. Ask the Lord to complete the healing of missionary FELIX and restore health to him. Ask the Lord to strengthen him and make him even more vibrant and impactful for the cause of the gospel among the people in Mouna mission field.

30 Things to Pray about for Missionaries


Most missionaries receive the missionary call when single, and a good percentage of missionaries remain single for long periods. Singleness and the pressure that accompany it can be a major distraction and distress for missionaries. For sisters, it leads to propositions and insults; for brothers, burden of domestic work and temptations.

  • Pray to God who brings the solitary into families (Psalm 68:6) to speedily bring them into theirs.
  • Stand against the pressure, confusion, and mistakes that may attend choice making.
  • Uphold them in purity and power in singlehood.
Christian Missionary Foundation

Christian Missionary Foundation

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We promote and pursue wholistic’ ministry as a strategy for Kingdom labour, anchoring basically on medical and professional missions.

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