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Praying without ceasing with Praise and Prayer Bulletin

Praise and Prayer Bulletin

Pray for the children Bible Club going on in Damare Camp to achieve the purpose of God in the lives of the children. Pray that the Children will be grounded in the faith and become great instruments of transformation in the hand of God and in the society. Pray for God’s protection to rest upon them. Pray for God to continue to encourage Awal and his wife (Fulani converts) as they grow in their faith in Christ, not to look back or be discouraged in the face of trial and persecution. Amen. Thanks for praying.


Ask the Lord to liberate Idere community and deliver the youths from bondage to alcohol and other vices. Pray that the glory of God will envelop the land and environs. Ask God to draw more people in the land to the knowledge of the truth.


Pray that the effort of the school to recruit and train more labourers for the end time harvest will not be in vain. Amen. Thanks for praying.

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