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 Today marks the 42nd anniversary of the existence of the Christian Missionary Foundation.

Since May 15, 1982, the Lord has been our guide, empowering us for ministry among the unreached people groups and granting us fruits. Praise the Lord.

Ask that the heavens will be opened over us and that the LORD will revisit us with His glorious presence and power.

Pray for a fresh outpouring of the Spirit and power of God over us.

Declare that this new year shall be a refreshing time from the Lord and that we will enjoy abundance on every side.

Use Psalm 84 to pray for us. Ask that we will continually long and yearn for the Lord.

Pray that the Lord will be our shield and strength as we trust and obey Him.

Pray that He will give us grace and glory and will not withhold his goodness from us for the rest of our days. Amen.