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Join Christian Missionary Foundation to celebrate, appreciate and praise the Lord God Almighty for His abundant goodness to us.

Read Psalm103:1-6 and Psalm 105:1-5.

Appreciate his goodness to CMF as a ministry; Each family in CMF, and all our partners; both home and abroad; Individual missionaries in their different posts; All the disciples, and new believers; who came to know Jesus through our ministry.

Read Psalm 121:1-8

Give thanks to God for being our Unlimited Helper; His provision of all our needs at various levels and capacities.

Thank Him for Protection in all our journeys day and night on the road, sea and in the air, His presence always in directing, instructing, inspiring, correcting and rebuking.

Praise Him for the gift of the Holy Spirit and His ministry in our lives; for His grace and mercy made available; Forgiveness of our sins and cleansing of our guilt.

Glorify Him for times of different experiences: sicknesses, good health, mountain, and valley experiences.

Appreciate the Lord for all resources made available for our use last year, sponsorship of our projects and programmes, all the weddings and children given birth to.

Magnify him for Setting prisoners free and giving sight to the blind through our various outreaches.

Read Psalm 25:4-7

Ask God for mercy and forgiveness of all our shortcomings. Ask Him to show us the right path as we move on this year.