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Bless the Lord for being the help and strength of both the missionaries, and other Teachers in our schools. Despite the workloads, and the challenge of insufficient teachers in all the schools, our people were still able to cope amidst this.

Ask God to renew their strength, and enlarge their capacities. Praise God for our students are maturing in the Christlike attitudes, and improving in their academic performance. The staff are being divinely helped in carrying out their responsibility, and our pupils’ parents are giving us encouraging feedback concerning their children. Pray for the continuation of this good works and perfection of it.

Pray for every member of the education mission management team. Ask for fresh outpouring of God’s Spirit upon us to effectively be His witnesses in the school, communities and Tribes we work and live among. Ask God to connect, and surround us with all the help and resources we need for our lives and operation this year.