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Give all the glory to God for His faithfulness, and mercy towards the Missionary couple in Malawi.

We appreciate every one that prayed last year for the desire of the Sholotans to spent time with their children who were away in Nigeria.

The family were all together in Nigeria for over three months, praise God.

Bless God for using the family time for all round healing and blessings.

The Spiritual, Social, and financial atmosphere of the home greatly improved, and kept getting better.

Praise God who made it possible for them to renew their travel documents that expired.

Pray for God to richly bless all those He used to provide various resources to accomplish all these.


Pray for our partners that are having challenges in the areas of their health, ministries, businesses, and families that they will experience a big turnaround for good this year, and experience prosperity in all areas of their lives in Jesus name.

We lost some partners last year, pray that God will sustain and prosper all they left behind and multiply their kind in Jesus’ name. Amen.