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Praise God the deliverance of Brother Guy Guyo from Prison in Dakar.

The final determination of his case was made by the courts, and though it seems a miscarriage of justice, we thank God because God is keeping him safe, and will continue to protect him from danger.

Pray for his family, Sis Nathalie, the children, and the Church to remain unshaken by these travails, and to continue witnessing of Christ in Senegal.

Pray for provision for them; the family, and the ministry.

Pray that the spiritual cobweb of deception, and witchcraft that covers Senegal be removed.

Pray for the many people who are languishing in Prisons without trial, and justice.

Pray for prisoners who have received Christ to continue to serve Him.

Pray for other leaders like Brice who are being trained to expand the work in Senegal. Amen.