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One of our Focuses for this year is to Intensify our efforts in the area of Discipleship. It takes the wisdom of God to win and disciple souls.

Daniel 12:3, pray for divine wisdom for all of us to win and disciple more souls this year.


Pray for God to fill our members in Jesujoye and other surrounding communities with the knowledge of His will so that they will live lives worthy of the Lord.

Pray for them to grow in the knowledge of God and become more responsible in serving in God’s vineyard.

Pray for God to stir up our indigenous disciples to be ready to take up the responsibility of leading and continuing the work.

Pray for funds to be provided to complete the church building at Gbedun Center.

Pray for the field leader to remain committed and focused.

Pray that God will perfect all that concerns his family. Ask for the provision of another motorcycle and projector for effectiveness. Amen.