Equipped. Set. GO.

Raising Missionary practitioners with both knowledge and ministry competencies.

Certificate/Diploma in Cross-Cultural Missions

Acquire a Diploma/Certificate in Cross-Cultural Missions, taught English, Yoruba, French or Hausa Language

Basic Certificate Course in Missions (Short-Term)

Short-Term Missions School prepares Churches and individuals for effective missions involvement.

Workshops on Discipling for Development

A two-level training programme on wholistic discipleship and ministry among oral learners.

Our Objective

To recruit and train missionaries in the necessary tools, skills and knowledge for effective and Wholistic service on the field for the completion of the task of  evangelizing the remaining unreached people groups in Nigeria, Africa and other parts of the world. 

Equipping Believers

The training programmes in CMF TRAINING SCHOOLS aim at producing men and women for effective missionary service who will have the competencies under the KNOW-BE-DO domain of learning. Participants will be better equipped towards fulfilling the commission as given by the LORD Jesus.

Training Outcome

The Training Programme of our schools places great value on raising missionary practitioners who have both knowledge and ministry competencies for specific target audience of unreached people groups, and specific task for which the training is tailored. The products shall be missionaries who excel in the Know-Be-Do domains of education.

Training Methods

Our training utilize all learning domains to achieve education and performance. Through instructions (formal), non-formal models of education and informal relationships, trainees develop the skills, depth of character and spiritual stamina needed to effectively engage in intercultural mission work. 

Training Focus

Our focus is to raise Missionary practitioners with both knowledge and ministry competencies: Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes (Character), Understanding, Values and Relationships.

Short-Term Missions School

Many congregations are committing more and more of their funds, personnel, and prayer time to missions. Short-Term Missions School is therefore organized to prepare the Church for a more effective church-based missions program and preparation for full time involvement in missions for Christians.

It is an intensive cross-cultural Missionary Training providing individual Christians/congregations opportunity to prepare for involvement in missions work among unreached groups. Church leaders and workers, particularly those in charge of their church’s mission program will find SMS unique to their training need. Prospective tent-making missionaries will benefit greatly


No permanent location; it has held in various locations and is still  holding in collaboration with interested churches. Your Church could be the next.


A Basic Course Certificate in Missions will be awarded to every successful participant at an impressive Graduation Ceremony.  Participants must record at least 90% attendance, pass the prescribed courses, and participate in the Field Practical to qualify for graduation.

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