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Discovering and Playing your role in missions

Estimate suggests that 7,414 people groups are still unreached. In other words, there are over 3.2 billion people that have never heard of Jesus or His work of redemption. They are made up of five primary groups of people: The Muslim, the Buddhist, the Chinese, the Hindus and Tribal Groups.

Many of them have no scripture in their languages. Some are considered illiterate/oral learner which means that printed material, internet text, even a physical Bible may have minimal impact. About 50% of the world’s population has internet access; this implies that the other half of the world’s population does not have online access to spiritual information and the message of the Gospel.

He Instructed Us...

Jesus’ command in Matthew 28:19-20, “to make disciple of nations (peoples),” must be heeded by every believer in Christ Jesus.

As you catch this fresh understanding of God’s unending love to bless you so that you might be a blessing to the nations, bringing representatives from all peoples before His throne to worship Him, get involved! Take a step to greater action so that the ministry that God has already given you will become a means toward God’s ultimate goal of reaching the nations.

Doing Missions involves the following responsibilities. Each believer is expected to be involved in at least one of them.

As you identify your place, and are convinced of what role the Lord wants you to play in missions, kindly contact us to assist you on steps you will take in fulfilling your part in the great commission.

“I’m not afraid of failure; I’m afraid of succeeding at things that don’t matter.”

William Carey


This requires taking some time off your regular employment/occupation to go into any fields to assist the missionaries or to explore areas of need for future missionary activities. It requires your availability for at least one week. You can use your leave or holidays for this programme. You will be responsible for your transport to and from the field, as well as feeding during that period. You should also be willing to make the necessary sacrifices and adjustments that characterize missionary work.

The HQ requires at least eight weeks notice to enable us make contacts for you with your proposed field of visit.


He\She is committed to providing regular financial and material support for the missionaries, fields and general operations of the ministry through tithes, offerings, special donations and other scriptural ways of giving to ensure that the work of making Christ known among the nations goes unhindered.

Such gift could be designated to specific field’s projects, missionaries, or general needs of the ministry.

Financial Partners also help in creating awareness among other Christians on the need to support missions and mobilize support from other sources that are willing to contribute towards noble causes like missions. They also explore ways of generating more income for the purpose of missions. Theirs is such a blessed ministry that they are regularly watered as they water the fields, having enough provision for their own needs and more seeds to sow into God’s vineyard.

Material gifts other than money can also be given towards the sustenance of the missionaries.


This requires putting in up to FIVE years of missionary service in an unreached place and among unreached people groups within or outside Nigeria. You will need to undergo training in Cross-Cultural ministry which usually lasts for one year.

You can fulfill this calling under the auspices of your own local Church\Denomination\Ministry if they have a missionary programme, or through the CMF or any other mission agency that is willing to have you work with it. In any case, the CMF can help equip you through its training programme.

We also conduct intensive short-term training for Pastors, Mission Committees, Business Executives, Lay Persons, Students, etc., who could not go for full time training programme. Many congregations are committing more and more of their funds, personnel, and prayer time to missions.


This is a very crucial ministry: the life of every missions effort. You will be assigned missionaries/fields/people groups to be praying for on regular basis. The Praise & Prayer Bulletin updates you on the general prayer needs. You can also obtain prayer requests from and about your missionaries/field/people groups on your own.

You need to communicate with us to indicate that you are praying and obtain fresh requests.


This is a ministry you can fulfill either as a career or on part time basis. It requires using your skill and profession for logistical supports. Administrators, Secretaries, Researchers, Media/ IT Professionals, etc., are needed in this regard.

The role of those who work at this level of missions’ involvement is very crucial especially in the areas of coordination and mobilization.

If the Lord is speaking to you in this direction, please do not hesitate to respond.

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