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There are over 3.2 billion people that have never heard of Jesus or His work of redemption. They are made up of five primary groups of people: The Muslim, the Buddhist, the Chinese, the Hindus and Tribal Groups. Jesus’ command in Matthew 28:19-20, “To make disciple  of nations (Peoples),” must be heeded by every believer in Christ Jesus.

Take a step to greater action so that the ministry that God has already given you will become a means toward God’s ultimate goal of reaching the nations.

Become a Career Missionary

You can put in up to five years of missionary service in an unreached place and among unreached people groups within or outside Nigeria under the auspices of your local Church or a mission agency.

Short-Term Missonary Service

This requires taking some time off your regular employment to go into any field to assist the missionaries or to explore areas of need for future missionary activities. It requires your availability for at least one week. You can use your leave or holidays for this programme.

Intercede for Missions & Missionaries

You will be assigned missionaries, fields or people groups to be praying for on regular basis. The Praise & Prayer Bulletin updates you on the general prayer needs.

Become a Financial Partner

You can be committed to providing regular financial and material support for the missionaries, fields and general operations of the ministry through tithes, offerings, special donations and other scriptural ways of giving to ensure that the work of making Christ known among the nations goes unhindered.

Be Part of the Administrative Works

This is a ministry you can fulfill either as a career or on part time basis. It requires using your skill and profession for logistical supports. Administrators, Secretaries, Researchers, Media/IT Professionals, etc., are needed in this regard.

We can assist you on steps you will take in fulfilling your part in the great commission.

Together We Can Take the Gospel of the Kingdom to the Ends of the Earth!